What to Expect from Hippie Skin

So you're super stoked cause you've just decided to become a hippie.

Your friends think you're weird.  It's cool though, they think we're weird too.  So what now?  Here's  what you can expect from your Hippie Skin:  

1.  Expect to break out.  

Seriously.  It sucks.  But if you've ever had a facial you know that there's bound to be a break out and it's no different with Hippie Skin.  First, your skin needs an adjustment period to get used to the new product.  Secondly, and most importantly, Hippie Skin is pure and it's able to penetrate skin at a deep level, meaning it's going to get down in there and pull out any impurities that may be hiding under the surface.  

So basically this means you're going to break out.  If you have normal skin, the breakouts should be minimal and clear up quickly.  If your skin is like Bethany's and you have hormonal acne, it's going to take a while.  :(  But the important thing to remember is that it will get better!

2.  Expect to have break outs.  

At Hippie Skin, we believe in being honest.  And we may not know everything there is to know, but we do know this:  Throughout your life, you're going to break out.  That's just the way it is.  So if you're expecting perfect skin all the time, we're sorry.  We haven't found that unicorn yet.  (You can be certain that the moment we do, we will be ALL over sharing it with you)!

However, you CAN expect to have fewer life-altering, debilitating, painful breakouts. So that's a plus.    

3.  Expect to have really freaking soft skin.  

Hooray!  We aren't kidding.  Your skin really will be really freaking soft.  You may even be compelled to make everyone you know touch your skin, it's that soft.   It's okay - they already think you're weird for being a hippie, so use that hippie cred!

4.  Expect people to notice your skin.  

After a time, you may notice people complimenting your skin or your "youthful radiance" more often.  NBD.  

5.  Expect to find a zillion ways to use Luxe.  

We don't really know how this keeps happening.  But we're cool with it.  We use it for face and body, but it's also been used (that we know of) as a deep conditioner for hair, a makeup remover, makeup primer, diaper rash cream, for sunburns, tattoos, stretch marks, minor cuts, bruises, etc. (Some of these uses have NOT been tested by Hippie Skin, nor are we making any representation as to said uses).  Cough, cough, legal jargon... Feel free to share all the totally awesome ways you use your Hippie Luxe!

Here's the bottom line:  Expect to get to know your skin. 

A lot of people struggle with this statement - the great thing about Hippie Skin is it encourages you to listen to your skin.  After a time, you'll know just how much moisture you need, how much your skin can take and you'll also get to know how it changes with the seasons.  Why is this?  We like to think that by eliminating all the junk and fillers of traditional beauty products, Hippie Skin allows your skin to live more naturally; in turn, putting you more in tune with it.  Pretty cool, eh?  

 ~ Namaste Hippies!