HippieLuxe 4oz


HippieLuxe 4oz


Hippie Luxe can be used as a moisturizer, cleanser, and ageless regimen for the face or body. Loaded with soothing, skin-loving oils, this regimen supports softer skin, a balanced pH and contributes to a healthy glow. Also great as a makeup primer/makeup remover. Great for all skin types.

100% Organic

SCENT:  Creamy Citrus and Coconut

DIRECTIONS: Massage oil into skin. Cover with a hot towel until it cools, then rinse and pat dry. 
BONUS: Massage over skin before showering or bathing, then rinse and pat dry for an ultra-conditioning skin treatment. 

Ingredients: Organic extra-virgin cold-pressed, unrefined coconut oil, organic extra-virgin cold-pressed olive oil, organic lemongrass and organic sweet orange essential oils. 

 4 oz glass jar. Ships within 4 business days.

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Why does my Hippie Luxe melt in the sun?

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